Stagecoach, Herne Bay

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 5 April 2023
Man Spraying Down Bus With Power Washer

Bus facility supplied with efficient pump to regulate water

Delivering specialist solutions


Industry sector Commercial

Project type Bus facility


Stagecoach, Herne Bay is a state-of-art site constructed back in 2016, designed with sufficient room to accommodate and deliver services and maintenance to their fleet of double-decker buses.

We were contacted by the client to source and deliver our effective VG Cold Water Booster Set, a much-needed product due to the on-site bus-wash facilities. Due to the operations carried out by Stagecoach, the mains supply was inadequate, instead having a high water demand which meant they required a constant pressure and flow rate.


While our specialist team delivered a successful result, this project was undoubtedly one of our more challenging ones, with the client having high expectations of us and needing the product delivered the same day. We were able to achieve this by using one of our in-stock booster sets after receiving the order at 10:49 am and having it delivered to the facility at 4:45 pm the same day, which was a 4-hour drive from Dutypoint!


At Dutypoint, we have designed and produced an efficient solution to regulate the water pressure in commercial buildings. In this instance, we quickly delivered the necessary resolution, all while keeping costs to a minimum with IE5-rated permanent-magnet motors.

By sourcing and delivering our client with the VG Cold Water Booster Set, we provided an effective solution to meet their high water demands, providing them with the constant pressure and flow rate they require.

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