Lymington Shores

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 15 March 2018

A number of issues needed our expertise to get the most benefits.

No compromise.


Lymington Shores is a luxury housing development in Hampshire and is situated on the banks of the Lymington River looking out towards the Isle of White. The site consists of 12 prestigious luxury villas, a number of 3-5 bed waterfront penthouses, an underground car-park and a private dock.


Dutypoint were brought onto the project to resolve several issues that arose as a result of not having a centralised location on site to house an appropriately sized water boosting system.

Further to this, the build specification also stated that an electromagnetic water conditioner was required, but due to the lack of space allotted to the plant, the original M&E contractors were unable to incorporate this into the plans.


After a full survey, our engineering team worked with the developer to amend the site plans and incorporated a series of six smaller booster sets able to provide the specified flow rate of conditioned water throughout the site. The revised plans incorporated our VR booster set with integrated EC system.

The main benefit of this uniquely designed product is that it removes the need for the 600mm of additional straight pipework feeding into the unit which is often required by alternative systems. Also, due to the compact design of the EC unit, it is ideal for small plant rooms and can often be mounted onto the booster set skid, saving on space and reducing installation time on site.