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Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 10 June 2023

Phosphorus removal solution for a water utilities company

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Industry sector Water industry company

Project type Wash-down


This project involved implementing upgrades to help improve water treatments, including achieving phosphorus removal. The supply of our QuadraTANK™ helped aid towards enhancing water quality even further than the current treatments the client offers.

Our supply of the QuadraTANK™ will help aid towards enhancing water quality even further than the current treatments the client offers.


Although phosphorus is a necessary nutrient for plants and animals, excessive phosphorus in waterways can lead to the extreme growth of plants and algae. High levels of plants and algae in the water can have a detrimental impact on aquatic life and the quality of water, including low dissolved oxygen concentrations.


The team here at Dutypoint successfully supplied, delivered and installed our weatherproof GRP kiosk, the QuadraTANK™, incorporated with a standardised wash-down package, to site, ensuring it was efficiently operational and ready for use. The product was manufactured to our client’s project specifications and houses a water storage tank, controls, twin booster pump system for a network of wash-down points.

To meet our client’s needs of removing phosphorus, the wash-down capabilities of the QuadraTANK™, combined with an additional hose reel component, provided a solution to significantly improve water quality by aiding in the removal of phosphorus, resulting in a very happy client.

The wash-down additions are a valuable feature in hitting water regulations, including its CAT 5 protection capabilities. Our hose reel was a built-in check valve (one-way valve), which prevents the backflow of hazardous contaminated water into the water systems.

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