Saint George Catholic College

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 21 September 2021
Case Study - Saint George Catholic College

Maximum water storage with minimum footprint to boost secondary school's educational potential.

Plant room space premium solved with ScubaTANK®.


Saint George Catholic College in Southampton is dedicated to the welfare and educational potential of its students. Many schools are continually evolving to offer better educational tools and facilities for pupils and staff, and Saint George Catholic College had a plan of its own. As part of an expansion of the science and technology block that will provide several new and improved facilities, Category 5 fluid protection was required. Dutypoint were contacted to supply a solution that would meet the specific criteria of the new school block while tackling space limitations at the school site.


Plant room space was at a premium at Saint George Catholic College – a challenge found on many existing projects. The mechanical consultant was looking for ways to reduce the footprint space that was required for the Category 5 supply for the new laboratory site, and Dutypoint were challenged with assessing the site’s requirements and delivering the best solution to keep the expansion project on track. 

Due to the Category 5 classification for the project, Dutypoint had to ensure that any system we provided met current water regulations and did not present any risks to the environment and human welfare. The system needed to offer the school peace of mind that it would be reliable and efficient, as well as satisfy the local water company that their network wouldn’t be at risk.


The Dutypoint team worked closely with the consultants to come up with a solution that would fit into the limited space provided in the plant room. To maximise the tank capacity while minimising the footprint, the tandem ScubaTANK® was easily the best option for the project. ScubaTANK® is perfectly designed to adapt to its environment and the WRAS certification of the system will provide confidence for the secondary school and surrounding area. 

To adapt the system even more efficiently to the space in the plant room, we modified the tank to bring all the connections to the front. This meant that 3 of the sides of the ScubaTANK® could sit flush against the wall within an alcove area. The mechanical consultant received a solution that sufficiently reduces footprint space without compromising the operation of the system. 

Product Offering

  • Overall booster set and tank footprint: 2370 x 1500 mm

  • Space of plant room allocated for plant: 2700 x 2000 mm

  • 2x single pump ScubaTANK®, Duty/Standby, 3.4 bar 1.25l/s per pump
  • 3,300 litres stored water
  • Tanks connected mechanically at the base of the tank
  • Tanks connected electronically to enable cyclic pump rotation