Meadow Springs Country & Leisure Park

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 2 May 2024
Meadow Springs Country & Leisure Park, a Dutypoint project

Providing a remote location with a continuous water supply.

A plug-and-play solution.

Project background

Industry sector Leisure

Project type Lodges and holiday homes

Project Summary

QuadraTANK™ size and installation to support 185 plots in a remote Welsh county with a single borehole water supply and no mains water.


Our team faced the challenge of identifying and installing a robust, reliable solution for Meadow Springs Country & Leisure Park, which is in a very remote Welsh location with a modest water supply and no structures to house a booster or tank.


The team collaborated with the client to size and install a WRAS-approved QuadraTANK™, featuring an integrated water storage tank and booster set housed in a kiosk and encased in weatherproof housing. The unit also featured additional connections for future scalability.

With its ready-to-use attributes, straightforward installation, and compact design, the QuadraTANK™ proved to be a textbook plug-and-play solution. The unit was tailored to the scope and limitations of the project whilst not compromising the picturesque aesthetic of Meadow Springs Country & Leisure Park.

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