Category 5 ScubaTANK® AB: Morriston Hospital

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 3 March 2020
Hospital Hallway With Doctors, Nurses And Patients

Ambulances have to be cleaned and sterilised regularly to protect staff and patients. We delivered a solution in 48 hours.

Supporting our NHS.


At very short notice, the Morriston Hospital in Swansea had an urgent need for an all-in-one break tank and booster set for a temporary washdown facility needed to enable them to effectively clean and sterilise their fleet of ambulances.

This is vitally important at any time but particularly so at present as a number of these ambulances are currently being used to transport and treat patients with COVID-19. Being able to thoroughly clean and sterilise each vehicle after every use is crucial to help to prevent the spread of the virus.


The right solution for this challenge would enable the ambulances to be effectively cleaned and sterilised after each use to protect the crews, their equipment and the wider community. The product solution also had to reduce any risk of contaminating the mains water supply and it had to be available quickly.


We rose to the challenge and recommended a fully WRAS-approved Dutypoint ScubaTANK® Category 5 compliant all-in-one break tank and booster set. This system is specifically designed to take up minimal floor space in applications, including ambulance stations and temporary hospital washdown facilities. The system would provide adequate water pressure, crucially prevent backflow and eliminate the risk of contaminating the mains water supply.

From initial enquiry to delivery on site took just 48 hours.

We were really pleased to be able to help out Morriston Hospital and remain on-hand to help other UK hospitals facing similar challenges.

Dutypoint can provide the following pre-packaged Category 5 wash-down solutions for immediate dispatch: