Swindon Great Western Hospital Radiotherapy Unit

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 5 November 2021

Wastewater system gets long-awaited healthcare project back on track.

Keeping clients going.


The construction of a new radiotherapy unit in Swindon had been on the cards for a long time. The project required a considerable budget to set the plan in motion, and as a result of the hard, tireless work of various charities, enough funding was raised to start construction on a new unit. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was delayed even further. As regulations have changed, construction is now well under way and the building is starting to take shape.


Like all construction projects, programme, cost and safety were extremely important. All elements of a pump system should be reliable and meet the specifications of the client/project. As always, the Dutypoint team was committed to going the extra mile to support this project that will help so many people in the future.

We worked with the client to meet their timescales and supplied all necessary information and specifications to make sure everything complied with their needs before the large pump station was delivered to the site and into the pre-prepared area. Along with pipework, pumps and the chamber itself, we worked hard to keep this project on track to deliver a facility that would hugely benefit so many people in the surrounding areas.



Dutypoint supplied a foul water pump station in a 2m diameter by 8.7m horizontal GRP chamber. We designed this unit with a sump for the pumps to be located in, ensuring that the chamber could empty fully and operate effectively. The Dutypoint design gave the site 36,760 litres of storage below the top water level.

Product Offering

  • 2m diameter x 8.7m long chamber
  • 80mm pipework
  • 36,760 litres storage
  • Vortex HCP 80AFU21.5L 1.5kW 3″ Series 76mm solids handling pumps (twin pump system)

The pumps supplied have an international standard design: cable, auto-cut, dry-motor, silicon carbide mechanical seal, high grade cast iron. This design offers the highest quality and performance to guarantee results and reliability. The pumps contain superior abrasion-resistant mechanical seals that have been manufactured with silicon carbide to ensure the best seal effect.