The Queen’s Club Tennis Court

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 19 November 2018

A bespoke tank and booster system designed to score an ace every time.

Game, set and match.


The Queen’s Club is one of the UK’s leading sporting and social destinations. Recent work has involved adding additional grass courts, moving original courts and new hospitality areas around the site.

The work also included the installation of complete new irrigation systems involving a 16,500-litre underground tank and booster pump systems, as well as 2x 4500-litre potable water systems for event catering and amenities.


Dutypoint were approached by consultants Ralph King & Associates to come up with a completely bespoke design for the irrigation and potable tank and booster systems.

Due to the prestigious nature of the club, we had strict guidelines from the club regarding aesthetics. Therefore, as much of the system as possible needed to go underground completely out of sight.

We were also faced with strict deadlines with the overall project completion date being dictated by the opening of the Aegon Championships.


We came up with a design using polyethylene underground chambers pre-fabricated with twin submersible booster pumps and pipework, meaning only the control equipment needed to be above ground.

We pre-assembled all the control equipment onto a compact backplate for simple installation in the main car park kiosk. The system was installed, commissioned and tested successfully in time to provide reliable irrigation and cold water supply during the 2017 Aegon Championships.