HS2 Rail Project

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 22 July 2022

Domestic and CAT 5 water supply tanks installed along a major rail line.

Back on track.


Industry sector Infrastructure

Project type Domestic and CAT 5 water supply to construction compounds


Contractors set up bases along various HS2 new rail line sections consisting of office blocks and concrete batching plants.


The HS2 project started just before the country went into lockdown, so programme times were pushed. Contractors wanted quick and easy options to get their compounds up and running.


The Dutypoint team worked alongside the client’s design team to develop domestic supply options, ensuring the offices and facilities had adequate water on tap. Our team also selected systems with CAT 5 backflow prevention for the concrete batching plants so the sites didn’t contaminate the network.

The QuadraTANK™ was the perfect solution, giving an off-site solution that was manufactured, set up and tested in our facility in Gloucester and delivered to various sites along the rail line.