St Philip’s Hospital

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 16 May 2022

A quick booster set solution to keep staff and patients safe at St Philip's hospital.

High stock availability.

Quick lead times.

Critical solutions supplied when they're needed most.


Industry sector M&E

Project type Critical water supply

Client Plumbing & Heating Contractor


Hospitals are created to deliver care to those suffering from health-related issues, and the quality of care should be upheld to stringent standards at all times. The day-to-day running of a hospital should make life comfortable and simple for staff and patients, and many don’t realise the critical importance of a reliable, constant and clean water supply until there’s a problem.

Water is vital to sanitation and other health-related demands in hospitals. The facilities management team at St Philip’s was very concerned when a cold water booster set at the site wasn’t meeting capacity. A replacement booster set was needed urgently.


Dutypoint received the urgent enquiry from a contractor on the 14th of December. An existing cold water booster set unit at the hospital had gone down, and a twin-pump replacement booster was needed quickly.

Full failure could cause big risks, and the end client was desperate to get a new booster installed before the Christmas break. The Dutypoint team reacted quickly.


We quoted a VT2 cold water booster set that we had in stock, and the order was placed two days later. The VT2 booster set was delivered to the hospital on the 21st of December in time for the Christmas break.

At Dutypoint, we understand that our clients need solutions quickly. We maintain high stocks of many of our systems and pumps in our high-capacity warehouse to guarantee good lead times so your projects stay on track.

Products used

  • VT2 booster set
Small White Booster Set