The Hythe Imperial Hotel, Kent

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 18 January 2019

Site survey and upgraded system help guests get the stay they deserve.

Seaside getaway.


Dutypoint was contacted by The Hythe Imperial, a luxury seaside 4-star hotel, after it was discovered that their existing water system for both hot & cold was causing hotel guests to complain.


After a site survey, we advised the client to change from a gravity-fed open vent system to a pressurised hot water system. The cold water from the mains could also be upgraded from the existing storage tanks to 6 x 500-litre high-flow ELEMENT hot water cylinders. This would provide an equal hot and cold water pressure and sufficient amounts of stored hot water.


For this project, the Dutypoint Element Ultra High Performance unvented cylinder and VR series booster sets were the perfect option.