Longdene House

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 28 October 2022
Fountain In Manor House Front Garden

All-in-one tank and booster set for four-floor country house conversion.

ScubaTANK® - delivers a torrent, not a trickle, for any sized property.


Industry sector Residential

Project type Building conversion

Client Plumbing contractor


This project involved converting a Victorian country house from an exclusively commercial development into a multiple occupancy domestic residence housing meeting spaces for commercial use.

Built in the late 19th century, Longdene House is a landmark in Haslemere, Surrey. Four floors and beautifully maintained grounds make it a spacious and attractive property for domestic and commercial tenants. The impressive conference facilities (and tennis courts!) remain, but contractors converted the 50+ office suites into sublet flats for private occupants.

Dutypoint supplied ScubaTANK®, our compact and powerful all-in-one tank and booster set, capable of delivering optimum water pressure throughout this expansive property, for this project.


We’re seeing this more and more. As the demand for housing rises, the number of commercial premises converted into residential properties is increasing. Typically, the domestic requirements for flow rate and water pressure exceed commercial demand, which means installing a tank and booster set that’s up to the job. Traditionally, this would involve fitting two large and bulky systems, especially for a residence as large as Longdene House. However, because it is a listed building, the contractors were under specific constraints, and the biggest challenge that arose as a result of these was a glaring lack of plant room space.


The ScubaTANK® is a small but powerful single-unit tank and booster set that can be hidden away in tight spaces, delivering optimum water pressure to any property without leaving a large footprint. Housing the pumps inside the tank saves space, maximises results, and makes delivery and installation quicker and easier. Furthermore, using a submersible pump means that the ScubaTANK® operates almost silently, delivering a torrent, not a trickle, even at the busiest times of day, without any noise disruption.

Dutypoint installers fitted the ScubaTANK® for the Longdene House conversion to give its new occupants maximum water pressure and storage with zero fuss.

Products used

  • ScubaTANK®
White Dutypoint Scubatank