5-Star Luxury Hotel In Knightsbridge

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 8 February 2022
Hotel Bedroom With Water Pump

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5-star booster pump system.


Industry sector Hospitality

Project type Hotel

Product supplied ScubaTANK® WX2-5080-1250


When it comes to 5-star hotels in the heart of London, The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge is one of a kind. The feel of luxury and the appearance of quality runs throughout the hotel and the services offered to visitors, guests and customers need to be consistently fantastic.

To maintain a high-quality service offering, a booster pump system that could handle demand across the multiple penthouses, luxury apartments, suites, spa amenities and 200+ rooms was required.


Large commercial buildings such as hotels have a requirement for high water pressure and flow to many outlets throughout the property, and a lapse or failure in water pressure could lead to a number of issues for guests and staff.

The facilities management team urgently needed a price and availability figure for a hard water booster pump with a tank. This booster system had to be the ScubaTANK® or equivalent to match the specifications and output demands of the project within the confines of the hotel’s available space.

As the establishment needed to protect its reputation and the comfort of the guests, the solution had to be delivered quickly. Dutypoint rose to the challenge.


Our team received the order on Friday the 19th of November, and we delivered a Dutypoint ScubaTANK® WX2-5080-1250 system (programmed to 1 L/S @ 7.4 bar D/S] from stock on Tuesday 23rd November! This model of ScubaTANK® comes from stock WRAS-approved with a 1250-litre break tank.

The system had a 7-bar duty and a 22 mm feed to the roof from the garage with raw mains supply to the booster set. The installation of the innovative and powerful ScubaTANK® will help keep guests happy and the facilities teams’ minds at ease that demand is being handled effectively.

Products used

  • ScubaTANK®
All-In-One ScubaTANK System