Surge relief valve

The ProtectoRiSE is a highly recommended system component that is fitted at the top of the riser to prevent airlocks and sudden pressure changes due to power surges and other causes.

This triple-function, double-orifice air valve efficiently releases air to prevent pressure build-up and allows the ingress of air to prevent vacuum in the pipework. The ProtectoRiSE also provides a controlled bleed of air to maintain system stability.

Product specification

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– Patented small orifice configuration

– Lightweight, compact single-chamber design

– Directly acting solid cylindrical float

– Excellent flow capacity

– WRAS approved

– PN16 rated

– Drain valve

– Corrosion-resistant construction

– Tapped cowl

– Surge alleviation mechanism

– Insect mesh


– Isolating valve

– PN25 or PN40 rating


Standard BS EN 17-4:2000
Connection size 1” BSP
Maximum working pressure 16 bar (25 or 40 bar available on request)
Minimum working pressure 0.3 bar
Hydrostatic pressure tests Seal: 1.1 × PN

Body: 1.5 × PN

Temperature range Up to a maximum of 60°C
Coating Fusion-bonded epoxy

*If higher flow rate is required, as many units as necessary can be connected in parallel.


Body Ductile iron
Size 113 mm (W) x 205 mm (H)
Drain valve Nickel-plated brass
Diffuser plate Stainless steel
Lower float Polypropylene
Small orifice seal Stainless steel/EPDM
Upper float Polypropylene
Large orifice seal EPDM
O-ring EPDM
Seat holder Stainless steel
Cowl Ductile iron
Fasteners Stainless steel


A technical overview of the Dutypoint ProtectoRiSE.


Operation and maintenance manual for Dutypoint ProtectoRiSE unit.