Sectional Tanks

The Dutypoint range of WRAS-approved sectional cold water tanks is suitable for installations that require more storage than can be achieved with one- or two-piece tanks. The tanks are delivered to site in sections to be assembled in-situ. Combining one of these tanks with our class-leading cold-water booster sets simplifies the procurement process. It allows efficient coordination of delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the entire system throughout its life cycle.

Product specification

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A technical overview of Dutypoint sectional tanks.


WRAS approved. Suitable for potable water
Insulation to maintain the water temperature
Fully weatherproof construction
AISI 316 stainless steel internal bolts (galvanised steel external bolts)
Access hatch for maintenance and access
Screened vent for ventilation to protect against stagnation
On-site assembly is included
Externally flanged sides with internally flanged base, hot press moulded construction for cost-effective installation on a fully supporting flat surface
Externally flanged base allows easy access to bolts for maintenance and full tank draining
Internally flanged construction of sides and/or the
base for installations where space is restricted (note: 500 mm clearance required on all sides)
Totally internally flanged (TIF) construction allows the tank to be positioned against a wall on two perpendicular sides to save additional space compared to the standard internally flanged design
Installation of sectional tanks carried out by trained installers


Raised float valve housing allows the float valve to be mounted at a higher level, increasing the actual storage capacity of the tank
Internal division to allow half of the tank to remain operational while the other is out of service for maintenance purposes
Internal and external access ladders (recommended when the tank is 1.5 m or higher)
Condensation trays (available with internally flanged base)
Many options for connections
Side-access hatch when height restrictions make top access difficult
AISI 316 stainless steel external bolts
Choice of metric or imperial section sizes
L-shaped tanks
LPCB-approved fire suppression tanks
Rainwater harvesting tanks

Up to 112,000 litres
Up to 4 m
WRAS, BS EN 13280:2001