Quantum and Quantum Plus Pressurisation Units (Discontinued Product)

The Quantum sealed system pressurisation unit represents a combination of excellent quality and value for money. It is the ideal choice when a high specification unit is required. The system is controlled by an intelligent microprocessor which continually indicates the system status on the built-in LCD display. The controls are very simple and easy to use, particularly making initial set up and commissioning very straightforward.

Product specification

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O&M Manual for the Quantum and Quantum Plus Pressurisation Units (Discontinued Model)
Max C.F.P 3.0 Bar (Quantum HP 6.0 Bar)
Air Gap Type Category 4 AF
Break Tank Capacity 25 litres
Float Valve Type Class 1
Supply Voltage 230/1/50
Full Load Current 2.5 Amps
VFC Rating 5.0 Amps @ 230V
Boiler/Chiller Relay Rating 5.0 Amps @ 230V
Max. Inlet Pressure 7 Bar