Quantum Contract – Pressurisation Unit (Discontinued Product)

The use of a mechanical pressure switch makes the Quantum Contract an extremely cost-effective method of monitoring and adjusting system pressure. The unit includes BMS-compatible high and low system pressure alarms as standard, which makes these units an acceptable option for most installations.

Product specification

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Standard Technical Features

  • System Pressure Indication
  • High Quality Bronze Pumps
  • BMS Compatible High and Low Pressure Alarms
  • Boiler/Chiller Interlock
  • Integral Double-Pole Electrical Isolator
  • Audible Alarm with Override
  • Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Case


  • Wall Mounting Kit
  • Various Expansion Vessel Sizes
Max C.F.P 3.0 Bar
Air Gap Type Category 4 AF
Break Tank Capacity 25 litres
Float valve type Class 1
Supply voltage 230/1/50
Full load current 2.5A
VFC Rating 5.0A @ 230V
Boiler/Chiller Relay Rating 5.0A @ 230V
Maximum Inlet Pressure 7 Bar

Quantum Contract Plus

Twin pump

Model No. Expansion Vessel Capacity (L)
QCP-E60 60
QCP-E80 80
QCP-E100 100
QCP-E150 150
QCP-E200 200
QCP-E300 300
QCP-E500 500

Quantum Contract

Single pump

Model No. Expansion Vessel Capacity (L)
QC-U 0
QC-E60 60
QC-E80 80
QC-E100 100
QC-E150 150
QC-E200 200
QC-E300 300
QC-E500 500


O&M Manual for the Contract and Contract Plus Pressurisation Units (Discontinued Model)