Honda Water Pumps

Honda petrol-driven water pumps are perfect for off-site pumping projects for moving large volumes of water quickly and easily. Powered by Honda Petrol GX Engines, these pumps are incredibly robust and reliable, ensuring you can get the job done.

Designed to tackle the most demanding jobs, built with commercial-grade components, and powered by industrial petrol engines make Honda water pumps the No.1 choice for those tough water pumping jobs.

Product specification

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WB range
High-flow rate range of pumps that are designed to deal with large volumes of water, which means any problem is quickly solved. They’re robust, durable and powered by the commercial-grade GX engine. They’re equipped with a number of professional features, including the ability to deal with silt and sand, meaning they’re perfect for use on construction sites or for clearing floodwater.
WX range
This compact portable pump is perfect for around the home or on-site. When you need reliable and strong water pressure, this lightweight pump will get the job done. Lightweight refers only to their size, not power. They can move up to 140 litres a minute, making them perfect for simple jobs. It’s made possible by their hard-working 4-stroke engines that push out up to 7000 rpm; that’s pretty exceptional for their size.

WT range
High-flow trash range of pumps that are designed to deal with the most demanding jobs. They allow gravel and other debris to flow through the pump without clogging or causing damage, all whilst pushing out professional water pumping performance. So there’s no need to worry about the water quality – just about getting the job done.