Tricky cellar installation at a country retreat

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 1 January 2019
Tricky cellar installation at a country retreat


A major refurbishment program of a secluded 5 bedroom Grade II listed home dating from the 17th century that required boosted water supply to support the additional demand.


The challenge came from installing the water system in the plant room, situated in a small cellar with greatly restricted access, via a very narrow twisting staircase.


Dutypoint provided our ScubaTANK all in one tank and pump solution to provide consistent and reliable boosted water for the entire property over 3 floors, including 5 bathrooms. The ScubaTANK provided the perfect solution as it’s half the size of other alternative systems. It was also supplied in sections* to allow easy access through tight spaces. The entire system was delivered and installed in just a few hours.

*Two piece horizontally split tank option for situations where access is restricted.