A43 Moulton Bypass Phase 1b

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 4 August 2021

Minor disruption for this major construction.

Stormwater solution.


A new bypass was required in Northamptonshire to tackle congestion issues, reduce journey times and increase road safety. The road systems had already experienced many adjustments to the area over the years but the A43 between Northampton and Kettering continued to suffer from being a congestion hotspot and other traffic issues.

As this was a large project, the adjustments and work would be split into phases. Dutypoint became part of the project during phase 1b (the creation of a new road to bypass the existing road).

The project required a stormwater pump station to ensure surface water could be sufficiently managed.


As with all highways projects, there is a lot of planning required and this pump station was a major engineering project. Budgetary and time restrictions were a key concern to all involved during the project and Dutypoint knew we had to provide a solution as soon as possible to keep the project on track and help this large project progress.


We installed the complete mechanical and electrical installation for a large stormwater pump station as part of this major project. The shaft for the pump station was 6m in diameter and the dig was 15m deep. It was constructed with Cason Ring construction which was installed by the main civil contractor. There was a strict build program for the project and sticking to it was key to ensuring that these works were completed on time and in budget. To guarantee these goals were met, the Dutypoint team worked with the civil engineers and the main contractor throughout the project to design the quickest and easiest methods, utilising off-site build where possible to keep programme as short as we could. An area that offered major programme benefit was the design and install of pre-fabricated baffle wall, estimated to have saved several days of labour intense concrete formwork.

Additionally, to reduce risk, cost and installation time, Dutypoint designed an outfall chamber to reduce the length of the pumping main. This design reduced the length of the rising main and used gravity to transport the fluid under the road and support run-off and stormwater management.

Dutypoint managed the complete installation and project management, including contract lifts, off-site fabrication, design control and installation, testing, and commissioning.

Systems utilised:
6m diameter x 15m deep Cason Ring Chamber
750mm incoming gravity supply
3x 45kW pumps
1050 litres per second
8.5m head
300mm diameter pipework