Allscott Meads, Telford

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 15 December 2022

Residential development fitted with future-proof pumps.

Adoptable solutions.


Industry sector Construction

Project type Housing development


Allscott Meads is a housing development in the heart of idyllic Shropshire in the English countryside. Once a sugar beet factory, this former brownfield site is being transformed into a thriving community space, with 470 homes, a primary school and retail and business units being built. The properties here are in high demand, and, empty since 2007, the 64-acre site is now undergoing the second phase of development by housing contractors. Dutypoint was asked to design, supply and install an Adoptable Sewage Pumping Station to meet the development’s needs.


Due to insufficient fall across the site, it was not possible to drain the sewage system to the mains sewer using gravity. Therefore, an alternative system needed to be installed that could pump waste manually. Adoptable Sewage Pumping Stations are practical and cost-effective solutions for housing developments, as once fully installed to Water UK specifications, responsibility for future maintenance and running costs are legally adopted by the local water company. The client approached Dutypoint to assist with the design of a bespoke sewage network to serve the whole development, and in securing Severn Trent Water’s approval of the system.


The adoption of a pump station can be arduous but with Dutypoint’s experience and understanding of the process, a system was successfully installed. Drawing on technical expertise, Dutypoint were able to provide a turnkey solution from conception to handover.

Following a Section 104 detailed design that adhered to the Water Industry Act 1991’s specification, Dutypoint secured Severn Trent Water’s approval and managed the supply, delivery and installation of the pumping station. Additionally, Dutypoint offers a maintenance service during the period before adoption, as the Water Board typically requires a certain level of occupancy before they take over. This ensures clients are never left high and dry.

From start to finish, Dutypoint was there every step of the way. By using in-house manufacture, quality products and expertise, they ensured peace of mind for residents and contractors alike.

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