The Eden Project

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 27 October 2022
The Eden Project Domes

A comprehensive combined booster set, pump and pressurisation solution delivered to one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions.

Consistent pressure maintaining exact conditions critical to life.


Industry sector Horticulture

Project type Nursery

Client The Eden Project


The Eden Project is a community-led educational charity dedicated to growing new life, conserving plant species, and regenerating the land on the site of an abandoned clay pit in North Cornwall. Since it opened to the public in 2001, over 22 million people (including more than 1 million school visitors) have visited Eden to learn about life in different ecosystems or “Biomes”.

The Eden Project requires a high-efficiency water pumping system to maintain the atmosphere and plant life inside their three Biomes. Dutypoint were pleased to provide booster sets, pumps, pressurisation units and a lagoon pump to ensure a consistent water supply for the nurseries in the Rainforest Biome.


Service and support from Dutypoint were critical on this project because no nursery can function without a water supply. The Eden Project trusted Dutypoint to provide booster sets, pumps and pressurisation units that were up to the task of keeping the Biome running as part of ongoing restoration works. We felt the “pressure” to deliver to ensure the doors stayed open and win future phases of this project.


Dutypoint supplied a comprehensive solution for the nursery, including the VG3 cold-water triple pump system, VG3-5HME08-LSM, and Quantum Pressurisation Units. The VG range offers a selection of high-efficiency pumps with permanent magnet motors, which provide class-leading IE5 energy efficiency, thereby reducing operational costs for the client.

Products used

  • VG Cold-Water Booster Set - VG3-5HME08-LSM
  • Ecocircs
  • Quantum Pressurisation Unit
VG Booster Set Used In the Eden Project