Fulton Road

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 28 May 2024
Packaged plant room project by dutypoint

Offsite packaged plant room for large-scale residential project.

We deliver the full package.

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New build

Project Summary

Fulton Road development is nestled in the heart of Wembley, just a stone’s throw away from the Wembley Stadium. This project included one energy centre, originally designed as a traditionally built plant room, providing heating and hot water to 800 apartments.


Due to various delays on site throughout the design phase, the project program was already tight, and the contractors were looking for a way to gain some time. Dutypoint came to the rescue with our expertise in designing the packaged plant room in a way that considerably reduced installation time.

The next challenge was limited accessibility to the plant room, as construction had already started. The only access into the plant room was through a 1400 mm wide doorway.

packaged plant room project


Dutypoint rose to the challenge and delivered units that could be taken through the doorway, placed in position, and connected together with minimal site work.

Leveraging several of our market-leading products, including boosters, pump sets, pressurisation units, air/dirt separators and dosing pots all on a combined skid, we were able to produce an offsite packaged plant room to meet all the client’s requirements.

We observed manual handling techniques whilst making sure to preserve the building’s internal structural integrity to manoeuvre and install the system, whilst making sure that the building’s occupiers faced minimal disruption.

We worked closely with the client to take stage 3 schematics right through to stage 4 and 5 3D drawings, delivering the full package. The packaged plant room was installed into the heat exchange system seamlessly, with the finesse that all our customers have come to expect.

residential plant room project by dutypoint

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