Edinburgh House

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 3 January 2019

Challenges overcome with bespoke GRP tanks at London location.

Runoff resolved.


This project involved the complete redevelopment of an existing 1960’s office building in the heart of London: Edinburgh House.

This prominent building is located in Kennington, and Dutypoint were called in to install a stormwater runoff solution. The project required stormwater run-off from the new car park areas and building to be collected, stored and then pumped away into the main sewer system in accordance with local water authority regulations.


After a full site survey, we were presented with the challenge of overcoming a very high water table on site. This meant that the excavation process would be more difficult due to the ground being saturated in water.

Additionally, this also meant that any underground installation would need to be heavily protected against possible risk of percolation and water ingress.


With help from the engineering design team, we were able to overcome these challenges by installing two bespoke, extra strong Vortech GRP Tanks.

By using these custom storage tanks, it allowed for the water table to safely be up to the tank cover level, whilst minimising the chance of water ingress and potential pump issues.