Phillimore Gardens, Kensington

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 6 June 2020
ScubaTANK fitting With Shower In Phillimore Gardens

The luxury townhouse. The 7-storey requirement. The complete high-pressure system.

We rise to it.


Industry sector Luxury Residential

Project type Large townhouse refurbish with basement dig

Client TLC Group

Main Contractor MOTACUS Construction

Product supplied
Twin pump ScubaTANK
6.0 bar element un-vented hot water cylinder
2x boilers, heating pumps
Low loss header
Plate heat exchanger


As part of an extensive refurbishment of a large townhouse in Kensington, high-pressure water was required over seven floors with seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, multiple showers and a 12m deep basement development.


After a full site survey, Dutypoint provided a complete tailored packaged solution incorporating a ScubaTANK® all-in-one tank and pump booster, a 6.0 bar Element ultra-high performance cylinder, two boilers, pressurisation set, heating pumps and plate heat exchanger.


The installation was a success and the system boosts consistent and reliable high water pressure over 22m to the top floor and every part of the house, even at times of maximum demand. The complete booster sets were pre-built and mounted on skids to save space and reduce installation time on site. Ideal for small plant rooms or confined spaces.