Jewish Joint Burial Society

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 6 June 2020

Water storage tank designed and installed quickly.

A botanical solution.


Industry sector Residential / Light Commercial

Project type Residential Application

Client JJBS

Product supplied


This project was for the Jewish Joint Burial Society (JJBS). The JJBS has a large dedicated area in the Western Cemetery, Cheshunt and alerted us that they had a large delivery of flowers arriving which would need watering. However, their current water supply system would not be suitable.


The biggest challenge with this project was the short timeframe. As the delivery of flowers was happening on the weekend following the initial order, there was very little time available to schedule in a site survey, advise on an appropriate system, design, build, deliver, install and finally commission any units required.


The main issue was the lack of stored water available! To solve this, we recommended our highly versatile ScubaTANK®. This system would provide the volume of water required, combined with a high-capacity pump to ensure there was enough pressure to spray all of the delivered flowers using a network of extra long hoses.