Acreman Street Residential Development

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 25 August 2021
Case Study - Acreman Street Residential Development

Residential development protected against run-off with intelligent pump station solution.

Delivering peace of mind.


Cerne Abbas is an idyllic village in the heart of Dorset and is familiar to many by name because it’s home to an ancient chalk figure sculpted into the hill known as the Cerne Giant. The natural landscape of the area can make residential and commercial building projects more challenging and this became a source of concern during the development of 14 new-build houses and bungalows on a brownfield site in the village. To guarantee the project continued to move along and was completed with total peace of mind for future residents and the companies involved in the development, Dutypoint supplied the best solution.


The positioning of the development project presented a potentially risky issue. As the site was on a hill, a heavy amount of water run-off would be inevitable in bad weather and this would put infrastructure and residents in an uncertain position. Dutypoint evaluated the situation and decided that a large surface water pump station was required to discharge the water to a soakaway. The soakaway would manage the water and discharge and percolate it safely.


Dutypoint supplied a 1.8 diameter GRP pump station with large 100mm pumps. These pumps were capable of discharging water at 1560 litres per minute. This meant that it was the perfect product offering for the development and would help resolve the water run-off risk. The proposed pump station and pumps would be able to keep up with the high inflow rate during a storm and would discharge it as fast as it was coming in. The pump station was positioned at the lowest point on the site (with the inlet 5.7 m below the highest site point) and the residents can now have peace of mind that there is no risk of flooding and the pump station Dutypoint provided can manage the demand during bad weather. Product Offering

  • 1.8 m diameter, 4 m deep chamber
  • 100 mm pipework
  • Dutypoint Pro Panel with SMS auto-dial alarm system
  • HCP 100AFU47.5 7.5 kW 4″ 3ph Vortex pumps