Kelling Heath

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 11 September 2018

No challenge is too difficult for the Dutypoint engineering team.

A breath of fresh air.


Dutypoint were asked to specify an underground packaged plant room for the Kelling Heath Woodland Holiday Park as part of their site redevelopment project.


Although there are already a number of underground packaged pump stations on the market, the challenge came from creating a viable solution for overcoming the common health and safety issues of working in confined spaces. Another common problem with this type of installation is the associated civil engineering cost of ensuring there is sufficient concrete on and around the buried tank to keep it from naturally rising to the surface.


After a full site survey, the engineering team at Dutypoint were able to specify a full system installed within an Optimise™ UPPR-305 underground packaged plant room.

The system comprises a twin pump, variable speed cold water booster set and a 7000-litre potable water storage cistern. Once on-site, the steel-framed unit can be lifted onto a pre-prepared concrete base. Concrete is poured into the permanent formwork and the excavation is backfilled.

The plant room includes a fully integrated staircase to overcome the confined space issue and has a raised floor built in to act as an emergency water storage bund. The modular design of the plant-room also allows a number of these units to be connected together to create a wide range of room configurations – giving the option of housing both fresh and wastewater plant machinery and moving away from the traditional above-ground plant room.

“The engineering team were able to specify an Optimise™ UPPR-305 underground plant room with a twin pump booster set and 7000 litre potable water storage cistern. These steel-framed units are lifted onto a pre-prepared concrete base, concrete is poured into the permanent framework and the excavation is backfilled.”