Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 6 October 2021
Case Study - LEGOLAND®

Reliable pump system keeps popular theme park on track.

Only the best is good enough.


Amusement and theme parks have a lot of rides, attractions and areas that must be maintained. To keep the park and events running smoothly (and keep visitors happy), it’s important that everything works how it should. When the LEGOLAND team started to notice issues with the pumping system connected to the boating lake and water features, Dutypoint were contacted to provide a solution. Our team installed submersible HCP pumps to guarantee a reliable and long-term answer to the issue.


Previous pumps installed at the amusement park had failed, leaving LEGOLAND without a solution that they could trust. The past pumps had been sized incorrectly for the demands of the boating lake and had not been designed to run on a continuous cycle.

To offer the best solution, the Dutypoint team took all the demands of the location into consideration and used their expert knowledge to select a pump system fit for purpose.


The HCP pumps each offered an additional 30m³/hr against the original pumps, ensuring the boating lake depth was maintained and kept free of silt/debris. A duty/standby installation with cyclic changeover ensured the continuous flow of water through the system, without impacting performance and the life cycle of the pumps.

The LEGOLAND resort in Windsor now has a pump system that will meet the demands of the attraction and provide peace of mind for the future.

Product Offering

  • HCP 100HD23.7 Submersible Pump – Offers max. flow rate of 95 m³/hr and max. pressure of 2.3 bar pressure. Compact, strong and portable
  • High chrome alloy (HiCrFc) impeller to handle highly abrasive applications. Can handle solids up to 10mm in diameter
  • 3.7 kW 2-pole 3-phase motor (500/3/50)
  • 4″ discharge connection coupled to 4″ discharge pipework. Complete stainless steel outer casing providing exceptional wear resistance
  • 10m submersible pump cable c/w with water-resistant cable gland. Double mechanical seals and high-performance bearings