Sainsbury’s Brentwood

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 17 December 2018

A popular supermarket chain needed our help to meet demands.

Business as usual.


Sainsbury’s supermarket in the busy town centre of Brentwood, Essex recently underwent a massive redevelopment to provide additional car parking with direct access to the store.

This project required the ground-level car park to be reconfigured, demolition of the existing multi-storey car park and then the construction of a new larger multi-storey car park.

Dutypoint were called to the site by the main contractor, AD Bly, to investigate the current stormwater pump station and provide a solution to meet the surface water drainage demands of the new car park area and multi-storey car park building.


The existing surface water pump station for the ground-level car park had fallen out of operation due to lack of regular maintenance and required a complete overhaul to meet the drainage demands of the new car park.

The construction of the new multi-storey car park also required a new dedicated surface water pump system.


Following a site survey, Dutypoint specified new pumps, pipework and valves to refurbish the existing pump station to deal with surface water from the new ground-level car park.

In addition, Dutypoint supplied a complete packaged pump station for the new multi-storey car park. The team worked closely with the contracts manager and also the building, surface and civil contractors to minimise any disruption to the build schedule or Sainsbury’s customers.

This cross-functional involvement ensured that the project was executed in a manner that allowed the store to continue trading. The delivery and installation was managed within specific time-lines and co-ordinated with other on-site contractors. The additional pre-built packaged pump station was installed quickly in the new car park area – saving considerable time on site.