Nightingale Jersey

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 8 October 2021

Providing solutions under pressure to support healthcare and hospitals during the pandemic.

United to achieve results.


As concerns about the severity of the pandemic in the United Kingdom and British Isles grew in early 2020, Nightingale hospitals were created to help the NHS cope with surging COVID-19 cases. With time of the essence and lives relying on the success of these health centres, every element of these projects was a matter of urgency from the beginning.

Jersey (home to approx. 100,000 people) needed a solution of their own to handle the risks of the pandemic and transformed a greenfield site into a temporary 180-bed hospital that would provide acute medical care for COVID patients. Not only was the location of the project difficult but the island needed a solution fast to prevent overwhelming the general hospital. The Dutypoint team knew we had to act fast – even while facing pandemic-related issues of our own – and we were there to offer a rapid solution.


As COVID cases on the island continued to grow, Jersey General Hospital was growing increasingly concerned about the capacity that the facility could take. From the start of the project to full operation, a timescale was given of a month. Dutypoint had to work closely with the client who were coordinating many other companies from different industries to put the hospital together.

As the project was a temporary hospital, solutions needed to be developed from first principles, including patient services to fire strategy. As a healthcare environment, there are specific standards that must be met for heating, cooling and water control. All standards and requirements still had to be met despite the short timeframe.


The Dutypoint team were approached to design and supply a packaged cold water booster system. The system would provide the hospital with domestic cold water and Category 5 water supply.

As the project was during the pandemic, we were experiencing issues of our own, including staff isolation, suppliers being closed, social distancing/government guidelines and general requirements for safe working. Despite this, we still managed to turn around the design, manufacture and delivery of this system within 3 weeks to Jersey. It was a challenge but our team united to achieve the same goal and we succeeded.

Product Offering

  • 40′ long x 8′ wide x 8′ 6” high package plant room incorporating: