FE – Compact Fixed Speed Cold Water Booster Set (Discontinued Product)

This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for more info and a suitable alternative.

Product specification

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Standard Technical Features

  • Fixed speed pump
  • Pressure control system with overload protection
  • Suction and discharge unionised isolation valves
  • System pressure gauge
  • Manual/auto selector


  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Additional pressure vessel
  • Flexible expansion joints
  • Local electrical isolation
  • Provision for low water cut-out floatswitch (contacts in panel)
  • Anti-vibration mounting kit

Performance Summary

Minimum Flow Rate 0.4 L/s
Maximum Flow Rate 3.5 L/s
Minimum Pressure 2.0 bar
Maximum Pressure 5.0 bar
Maximum Temperature 40°C
Speed Fixed


Manifolds AISI 304
Pressure Vessels Carbon Steel

AISI 304-BS 4814

Pump Isolation Valves PTFE/EN12165
Non-Return Valves EN12165
Anti-Vibration Mountings Optional extra