Vortech Plus Horizontal GRP

GRP horizontal pump stations are available in range of diameters from 1200mm diameter up to 4000mm.  The tank can be manufactured in any length from 2000mm up to 26500mm long with capacities in a one piece tank of 300,000 litres.

These tanks are often used where there are flow rate restrictions and attenuation is required for surface water and foul water.

Product specification

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Standard Technical Features

  • GRP storage tank
  • Multiple inlet connection sizes available
  • One outlet connection. Size depends on type of pumps
  • Single or twin pumps, with 10m or 20m of cable, duckfeet, top bracket and guide rails
  • Control panel
  • Float switches for automatic operation
  • Ball/swing check valves
  • Isolating valve
  • 100mm cable entry duct
  • Discharge pipework within GRP tank
  • Certified lifting chain


  • Access ladder – GRP
  • Additional inlets
  • Flush valve
  • Ultrasonics automatic operation equipment
  • GRP kiosk
  • Galvanised access cover
  • Form 4 control panel
  • Heavy-duty discharge pipework
  • Telemetry
  • Valve chamber
  • Overpumping connection
  • Shaft extensions
  • Baffle wall
  • Partitions
  • Partitions for separate storm and foul in one chamber
  • Mixer and aeration can be installed to stop septicity