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CK Control Panel

Hard-wired control panel
A premium duty/standby steel control panel, complete with hand/off/auto switches, run & trip lamps, mains isolator, control health lamp and BMS contacts
Suitable for integrals SMS autodial alarm system

EPIC Control Panel

PCB board control panel
Suitable for clear and wastewater applications
Works with float switches, pressure switches and probes
Self-learning of the pump data (sets overloads), duty/standby logic
BMS input, minimum and maximum water level alarm
Phase failure, dry running protection and alarm
Water in oil chamber protection and alarm
Pre-fitted with a rotary isolator

Vortech™ Battery Alarm

Dutypoint Vortech™ Battery Alarm c/w 10 m float switch
Battery-powered high-level alarm panel with test and mute buttons

Sewage for Adoption Panel

Type 3 panel
Surge protection device
Ultrasonic controller
A multi-function power meter on the incomer with a pulsed energy signal to telemetry
Intrinsically safe barrier relay for the backup float circuit
Non-powered IS barrier for the high-level float
Brown out reset timers on fail-safe circuits
Over-temperature lockout circuits from bi-metallic switches in the pumps
Seal leak indication and volt-free signals utilising conductivity relays (no protection at this stage)
Dry run protection by load monitors
Telemetry signal requirements for Type 3 pumping stations
Personnel on-site switch on the control section door wired to the telemetry marshalling terminals
Set of telemetry marshalling terminals with a twisted pair multicore screened cable connected to them and left flying in the kiosk for connection to the telemetry equipment by others
17. 110 V lifting hoist supply with an isolator socket in the main kiosk

SMS Remote Monitoring Panel

To provide text/email alarm notifications
Up to 10no. individual programmable alarm outputs and up to 3no. alarm contacts (additional contacts)
Pre-programmed to your requirements and tested before dispatch
Ability to remotely access the historic event log
230 V AC or 24 V DC power supply options
Includes power failure alarm c/w side-mounted stub antenna
2G mobile network connectivity is required. Extension antenna cables are available on request for basements with limited connectivity