HCP Wastewater Pumps

HCP set the standard for quality, reliable, submersible pumps, which is backed up by their numerous industry awards and certifications. Within the HCP range, there is a submersible pump for every residential, commercial and industrial applications, including pumps for sewage, wastewater, clean water, swimming pools, agricultural irrigation, grinders for cutting up large solids in water, dewatering pumps and sump pumps.

Dutypoint is the exclusive distributor of HCP Pumps in the UK. We have access to their full range and offer many of their best-selling pumps from stock with free, same or next-day delivery. So if you are in need of a submersible pump, give us a call, and our technical experts will find you the right HCP pump, at the right price, when you need it.

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Auto-cut protector: This is an automatic cut-off switch installed inside the motor. The switch automatically cuts off power to the motor in the event of a power surge or overheating. The switch automatically restarts the motor once the temperature drops to around
60-70 degrees celsius.
Epoxy cable base: Epoxy resin seal cable base to prevent moisture ingress into the motor
Electric motors: High-efficiency motor designed to minimise operation energy costs. 8 hours of stator winding impregnated with varnish and heat dried in an industrial oven to attain the highest insulation class
High-quality mechanical seals: Dual mechanical seals with single spring coiled in oil chamber design for more flexibility to accommodate misalignment, shaft deflection, and absorption of shock loading