A guide to domestic pressure boosting

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 2 January 2019
A guide to domestic pressure boosting

A guide to domestic pressure boosting


Water companies in the UK are constantly under pressure from authorities to reduce their leakage figures. One of the key ways of doing this, and a cheaper alternative to actually fixing leaks, is to reduce the supply pressure in the system.

It’s simple, it there is less pressure, then there is less leakage.

But what about our water pressure at home? Don’t we pay our water companies enough to provide us with decent water pressure? Well the answer is; not really.

Water companies are obliged to provide us with an uninterrupted supply of clean, potable (drinkable) water which is free from dangerous substances at a minimum static pressure of 0.7 bar.

0.7 bar is not a lot of pressure.

When you think of a really good shower that you’ve perhaps had at a hotel, the pressure is generally over 2 bar. Also, you may find that your water pressure is fine when you have just one shower on in your house, but as soon as someone turns on the tap elsewhere, it drops significantly.

Disappointing water pressure is a growing complaint for homeowners, especially for the increasing trend for rain-head showers. However, water companies in the UK are under no obligation to increase your water pressure if you have the statuary 0.7 bar (which normally isn’t enough for most combi-boilers to operate efficiently).

So the only real option for home owners wanting to increase their pressure, is to install pump system. However, it is very important to select the correct system for your property.