A Guide To Uninterruptible Power Supply For Sprinkler Systems

Author Duncan Lewis Calendar 23 April 2024
A Guide To Uninterruptible Power Supply

One of the key updates in the 2021 version of the standards for residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems (BS 9251), is the concept of an ‘enhanced power supply’. This update stipulates the need for a uninterruptible power supply for the sprinkler pump system.

Enhanced supply is mandatory on any residential buildings above 18m tall, however, there are many cases where end clients are requesting enhanced power supply even when it is not mandated by BS 9251. This is most commonly requested by councils as part of their retrofit fire sprinkler installations to council flats, but also often specified for care homes across the UK.

One solution for providing a backup power supply is installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system, which is becoming a popular choice in the market.

Features of a Uninterruptible Power Supply

A UPS provides backup power to electronic devices in the event of a power outage or voltage irregularities to ensure the connected devices continue to receive power and function properly. Some key features of a UPS include:

Surge Protection: UPS systems offer surge protection, which safeguards devices connected to the UPS from voltage spikes and electrical surges. This helps to prevent damage to sensitive electronics.

Monitoring and Management: Many uninterrupted power supply models have built-in monitoring and management features. These can include battery status indicators, load monitoring, and the ability to manage the UPS remotely through software or network interfaces.

Energy Efficiency: Modern UPS systems often incorporate energy-saving features to maximise efficiency and reduce power consumption. These features can include automatic shutdown of devices not in use and power-saving modes.

Introducing ResiPOWER

At Dutypoint, we understand that UPS systems are a new concept within the sprinkler industry and that contractors may feel less comfortable with the technical considerations. However, many contractors have expressed a keen interest to be able to procure the UPS and pump set from one reliable supplier. That’s why our team has been working hard to bring you an uninterrupted power supply system to work alongside our current systems.

The ResiPOWER portfolio includes a wide range of online UPS systems and battery banks to cover the complete Dutypoint ResiSHIELD pump set range, as well as a range of specially designed water ingress protection enclosures.

This is the latest step in the Dutypoint ResiSHIELD range, which we are continuing to expand over 2024 and beyond, making Dutypoint your ‘one-stop shop’ for fire sprinkler solutions.

Key features of ResiPOWER

Compact, modular design: The range provides flexibility where space might be seen as a challenge.

True double-conversion online UPS: Ensures a stable supply with zero interference to the supply when switching from mains to battery supply.

Automatic changeover: Automatic monitoring of the mains supply that switches to battery power during a power outage.

Power factor of 1 for 3 phrase range: Guarantees the maximum power availability, i.e a 40 kVA ResiPOWER UPS will provide 40 kW of power.

Purpose-designed range of water ingress protection enclosures: The design accommodates the necessary access, ventilation and cable management required for the uninterrupted power supply whilst providing full protection in the event of sprinkler activation.

Explore the ResiPOWER range

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