Building at the heart of construction

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 4 October 2022
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At Dutypoint, we’re on a mission. We want to reduce construction complexity by creating straightforward off-site packaged pump room solutions while setting the bar in customer experience and innovation. We are consistently working towards this goal and have been since we started almost 50 years ago!

Watch the video to hear our Business Development Executive, Lucas, explain why our standing in the construction industry is so important to us:

The three things that set our business apart are:


As industry leaders in fluid technology, we get called to work on many unique and challenging projects. Nothing says we’ve got a solution to suit your every requirement like the retrofit solution we supplied for Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight. Built in 1100, the age of the castle presented several hurdles we hadn’t encountered before. The site needed a safe, reliable water supply solution that wouldn’t disrupt the existing building – it’s Grade 1 listed, and any repairs would have been difficult and costly to repair. We modified the ScubaTANK® to fit the space, supplying a unit with an external cover and front-only access.

Read more about this unique project and see innovation in action by visiting our case studies page.


Dutypoint has been setting the bar in fluid technology since 1976. Over the last 46 years and counting, we have expanded to become one of the leading suppliers of fluid technology solutions in the UK and abroad – and we’re still growing, evolving in line with project requirements, legislation, and client expectations. Our industry knowledge enables us to offer bespoke systems to clients with specific requirements. And because they know we know what we’re talking about, clients value our insights regarding the selection process for pumps and stations.


Dutypoint values:

  • Always EPIC service
  • Thrive on progress
  • Do business right
  • Rise to it

From the moment we are specified, the full weight of Dutypoint is behind your project. Our team of in-house designers, engineers, and project managers are focused on delivering the kind of service you deserve. Integrity, transparency, accountability and clear communication are central to how we do business. Our commitment to these principles puts us right where we want to be: at the heart of the construction industry, delivering products and exceeding service expectations. When you work with Dutypoint, you benefit from our out-of-the-box thinking, almost half a century of industry experience, and a knowledgeable team who are always happy to help.

Want to know more? Ask us about the part we play in the construction industry. Call us on 01452 300110 or email today.