Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 3 May 2022
Scubatank In Front Of Carisbrooke Castle

A low-impact, no-hassle solution for a listed building protecting England's historic heritage.

Minimum footprint.

Maximum pressure.

Choose ScubaTANK®.


Industry sector M&E

Project type Grade 1 listed building water supply

Client English Heritage


Dutypoint is a leading player in fluid technology and supports brand-new commercial and residential projects all over the United Kingdom. However, the expertise of our team doesn’t just cover the new; we’re also experts in supplying retrofit solutions… even to historic 11th-century castles.

Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight was built in 1100 and has been a site of defence and momentous events for hundreds of years. Today, the castle and grounds are a visitor’s attraction protected by English Heritage. The castle needed a safe, reliable water supply solution that wouldn’t disrupt the existing build.


Historical buildings are often split into two categories: Grade 1 and Grade 2. Grade 1 properties are of ‘exceptional interest’, and only around 2.5% of listed buildings have this status. Any changes to the features and structure of a Grade 1 building need permission and consent from a specialist, and conservation officers are often unwilling to risk the existing structure.

Repairs and adjustments also require hiring tradesmen with specialist skills and products, and this can be incredibly expensive and stressful. With these challenges in mind, Dutypoint needed to supply a water storage and flow solution that wouldn’t risk the existing structure of the building. This is where the space-saving ScubaTANK® came in — the all-in-one solution that’s perfect for retrofit situations.


The ScubaTANK® is a leading product in the industry that delivers maximum results with minimal hassle. For this project, the impact on the building had to be practically non-existent, and the ScubaTANK® was fitted in a very tight space enclosed by very thick Grade 1 listed castle walls.

The Dutypoint team had to overcome a number of design constraints to produce the ScubaTANK® unit, including featuring an external cover and front-only access.

The ScubaTANK® offers ultra-quiet constant-pressure operation and contains an insulated tank with approximately 1,000 litres of actual storage. The system also features stainless steel multistage submersible pumps, inverter drives and isolation panels with low-level protection and common fault.

The ScubaTANK® external upgrade has insulation upgraded to 50 mm and a GRP cover over the controls.

Products used

  • WRAS-Approved ScubaTANK®
All-In-One ScubaTANK System