The Airfields

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 3 April 2023

Residential properties fitted with a fail-safe system

Providing peace of mind


Industry sector Construction

Project type Housing Development


The Airfields were formerly part of RAF Sealand and is a major development site, with 244 acres fronting the A494, a key route east and west between North Wales. The area boasts 767 new homes, green spaces, playgrounds and multiple industrial plots, creating over 200+ employment opportunities in Deeside, including a 700K sq ft manufacturing facility and a 100 sq ft distribution unit for Amazon.

During development, the client sought fire safety precautions within the residential properties by enquiring and sourcing 100 of our pre-assembled ResiSHIELD DH Fire Sprinkler Pump Sets, ensuring the lives and homes of residents are protected for years to come.


The project involved a significant number of residential properties being constructed across the development site. Safety was a key contributor during the design and build process, so finding the right product to provide an adequate defence was crucial.


Our Dutypoint ResiSHIELD DH fire sprinkler pump has been carefully designed and developed to meet British standard BS 9251:2021, which is mandatory for all buildings over 11 metres high. It can be installed in buildings of any height, providing an intelligent, fail-safe defence system.

Sourcing and installing our ResiSHIELD DH fire sprinkler pump during this project has provided the client with complete peace of mind and offers a high level of protection for their customers.

With our dedicated team behind the scenes, we can generally assist our customers with short lead times and fast deliveries. The client was after a quick turnaround and we were able to deliver the solutions within under a month. We received the enquiry in mid-January, and the order was placed in early February, allowing us to provide a service above and beyond their expectations.

For specialist assistance and BS 9251:2021 compliance, visit our ResiSHIELD product page.