Sainsbury’s Superstore

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 21 February 2022
Yellow Pump With Supermarket Fruit Aisle

Wastewater installation to future-proof supermarket success.

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Industry sector Civils

Project type Retail

Client Sainsbury’s


In late November 2021, Sainsbury’s opened a new superstore in Aylesbury to complement the store in the town centre and offer brand-new services and amenities to its customers. The 50,000 sq. ft store was a large construction project and needed first-class pumping solutions to keep it on track and meet the expectations of key site contractors, future employees, customers and the well-known supermarket chain.


Two pump stations needed to be installed at the site that could meet the wastewater demands of the supermarket. In addition, all pumping technology and infrastructure needed to be able to handle the flow output from the large supermarket, even during the busiest shopping hours.

When the Dutypoint team was approached about this project, our client knew install and commissioning would need to be close to their handover date, but they would only be able to give our team short notice when this was due to happen.

On the 22nd of October 2021, our team was notified that installation had to take place as soon as possible. However, before we could install the pump station, over 800 metres of control and power cable had to be ordered and delivered to the site ahead of the installation, which was expected to take three days.

Once the equipment arrived on-site, three commissioning pump engineers pulled over 800 metres of cable through ducting and installed Sulzer pumps that weighed over 130 kg each. The site contractor supported the installation of these heavy-duty pumps with plant machinery to help the project stay on track and meet the handover deadline.

Once the installation was complete, our engineers reattended the site to ensure all systems functioned efficiently. Our team also offered end-user guidance and support on system operation. Now the facilities management team on-site can be more confident on how to approach any issues and can call on Dutypoint again in the future for our support.


The supermarket is now a big part of the community and has created lots of new jobs and options for the local residents. Our knowledgeable team, first-class services and high-quality pump systems supported the project at multiple stages, and we’re confident that the wastewater pump stations and the high-quality Sulzer pumps will help ensure the superstore’s facilities operate smoothly in the future.

Products used

  • Wastewater Pumping Products
Blue And Yellow Pump System