High End Property, Marylebone

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 1 December 2023

Bespoke ScubaTANK® for high-end apartments

Fast and easy installation

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Luxury apartments

Project Summary

Located in the centre of London, the Bentinck Mansions exemplify historic architecture, having been built in 1865 and still standing proudly today in Marylebone.


The biggest challenge of this project is the small amount of space inside the plant room as well as limited access into the room. 

To overcome this challenge, our team built the ScubaTANK® unit to bespoke measurements, ensuring it can safely and easily be installed in to the plant room.

Bespoke ScubaTANK


The team collaborated closely with the client to measure the plant room and entrance accurately to design and build a ScubaTANK® with the correct measurements. The team decided that using the double horizontal split tank was the best choice as it enabled the tank to be broken down and fit through the standard single doorway access.

The team delivered a custom-made ScubaTANK® that was WRAS-approved, had a unique tank capacity and aligned with Category 4 standards to meet the requirements of the project. 

This project was still in progress after our team supplied the ScubaTANK®. However, by creating it as a bespoke product, we ensured a smooth delivery and installation. Due to the nature of the ScubaTANK®, the client can enjoy long-lasting service from the product with easy maintenance. 

Products used

  • ScubaTANK®
White Dutypoint Scubatank