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Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 8 March 2021

A stalwart solution for well-known multimodal logistics company.

Supporting the supply chain sector.


As a well-known and international cornerstone of the supply chain sector, the logistics company our client were working with needed a high-quality solution that would help them provide a high level of reliable service while supporting staff, drivers, partners and end-users. The site for the project was a huge logistics park with 120 docks for transport vehicles and its own set of challenges. The logistics park also had a main office hub and 2 small central hubs that needed to be factored into the demands of the pump system.


As with many sites, the logistics park presented limited space for a plant room that could contain the necessary systems required for a site of this size. After assessing the site and working with the client and architect, our experts decided that an external unit should be supplied.


Taking into account the lack of plant room space, we supplied the customer with a QuadraTANK IQ2000 for the main office building. The QuadraTANK IQ2000 is a fully packaged external GRP kiosk, tank and booster set up that removes the need for an internal plant within an office.

Both small hubs required their own boosted cold water system but there was still the issue of limited space. To overcome this, Dutypoint supplied 2x ScubaTANK® and 2x GRP kiosks. The customer was able to install these externally to meet the demands of the smaller buildings and receive maximum results.

Product Offering

  • Main Office – QuadraTANK IQ2000 with a 1960-litre tank and VG2-5HME06-LSM. The QuadraTANK tank has 50mm insulation and an internal light, heater and thermostat to allow for external use.
  • Small Hubs – 2x WX1-3040-175 with GRP kiosk to suit which contains all electrical components to allow for external usage.