Wootton Organic

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 22 September 2021
Case Study - Wootton Organic

Animal processing plant receives a reliable waste solution.

Back to the grind.


A new animal processing plant required a suitable pump system to pump the animal waste produced safely and efficiently. Animal waste can be difficult to pump and can cause a lot of issues if the incorrect system is utilised.

When Dutypoint were contacted by the client, we knew we had to meet their exact specifications to make sure the processing plant could run reliably and in compliance with safety/hygiene standards.


Due to the nature of the substances, output from an animal processing plant contains a lot of large waste particles. Large waste particles can pose a considerable risk if they are not dealt with properly. Allowing large waste particles to enter the pump station and mains sewer can lead to blockages; an issue that can ultimately cause environmental and public health issues. When sizing up the requirements of the processing plant, we know we had to deliver the following: sufficient pumping capability, adequate storage and a way to reduce the risk of large particles and feathers.


After assessing the situation and the requirements of the processing plant, Dutypoint proposed a solution to the consultant. Our team arrived on site and installed a heavy-duty Sulzer Muffin Monster Grinder in its own precast chamber. This robust and powerful piece of equipment can grind down the solids into smaller particles.

The smaller particles are now gravity fed down to a Dutypoint polyethylene pump chamber that contains two grinder pumps. As the output is now much more manageable, it can be pumped up to the mains sewer. Additional to the pump chamber, storage was required in the event of ‘something not going right’, so we provided two horizontal back up storage chambers.

1 x Muffin Monster™ sewage grinder

1 x 1.8m dia x 4.3m deep polyethylene pump chamber

2 x 2.5m dia x 10.5m long GRP storage chambers