Ashley Road West, Tottenham Hale

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 13 April 2023
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Effective precautions supplied for multi-apartment building

Providing life-saving measures


Industry sector Residential

Project type Multi-Apartment Building


Ashley Road West, Tottenham Hale, is a notable development investment in North London, with seven new buildings only a stone’s throw away from Tottenham Hale tube station. Along with residential buildings, the area has a new central square fitted with a cinema, restaurants, coffee shops and more.

During the development stage of the multi-apartment building, water pressure and fire safety were crucial factors that needed to be considered. As a result, the client contacted us to source a combined potable domestic supply and residential sprinkler booster set that can operate at different flow rates and pressures when necessary.


This project was significant, with thousands of new properties and residents expected to move into the newly built area. Therefore, delivering the right product and putting the necessary configurations in place is essential for efficient daily operations and in the event safety measures are needed.


At Dutypoint, our popular and efficient VT cold water booster set controls can be programmed with a fire mode set point. With this feature, they can operate at their design duty for the potable supply, and the flow duty can change when the sprinklers are activated.

Once the sprinkler heads are activated, the building fire system controls send a point change signal to the booster set control panel, changing the duty flow rate and helping to protect our client’s customers.

Our team worked proactively to configure and supply the client with a programmed VT cold water booster set in good time, ensuring their needs and concerns were effectively met. Supplying our product has ensured water supply can operate at different flow rates and pressures. This makes for an effective day-to-day operation and sprinkler activation in case of a suspected fire.

To source a configured Cold Water Booster Set, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.