Dirt and Air Separators

Our range of high quality separators includes air separators, dirt separators and combined dirt and air separators. We also produce the CXX combined a dirt and air separator with a balancing tank, offering excellent value when compared to separate units.

CXC - Combined Dirt and Air Separator

Dutypoint CXC combined dirt and air separators can be used instead of individual deaerators and dirt separators. These combined units are very efficient and extremely cost effective, becoming the preferred standard option throughout the industry. In heating systems, the units should be installed in the flow loop, situated immediately after the boiler and prior to the pump. In a chilled water system the unit must be located in the return loop close to the chiller.

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Standard Technical Features

  • Efficient removal of air and micro bubbles in pipework
  • Stainless steel element guaranteed for life
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC


  • Removable element
  • Larger units up to DN600 available on request
  • Non-standard connections

Separator Specification

Body Carbon steel - ST 37
Connections Standard: Flanged PN16
Maximum Working Temperature 110°C
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Bar
Internal Element AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Air Vent Specification

Body Brass
Connections Screwed
Maximum Working Temperature 110°C
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Bar
Float Polypropylene

Below is a selection of documents relating to this product range. Any downloads which relate to individual product models, including dimensional drawings, are found in the 'Variants / CAD' tab.


    Dutypoint Dirt and Air Separators File Size: 1.79 MB

    Sales brochure for the Dutypoint Systems range of dirt and air separators.


    CX O&M Manual File Size: 251 kB

    Dutypoint CX Separators Operation and Maintenance Manual


CXC Combined Dirt and Air Separator

Pipework connection PN16. Other special order versions available on request.

Model No. Flow Rate (m³/h) DN (mm) OD (mm) Volume (L) Weight (kg) Downloads
CX50C 8 50 60 7
CX65C 15 65 76 7
CX80C 20 80 88 25
CX100C 30 100 114 25
CX125C 50 125 139 75
CX150C 75 150 168 75
CX200C 125 200 219 150
CX250C 200 250 273 300
CX300C 275 300 323 500

CXC-RE Dirt and Air Separator with Removable Element

Pipwork connections PN16. Other special versions available on request.

Model No. Flow Rate (m³/h) DN (mm) OD (mm) Volume (L) Weight (kg) Downloads
CX50C-RE 8 50 60 7
CX65C-RE 15 65 76 7
CX80C-RE 20 80 88 25
CX100C-RE 30 100 114 25
CX125C-RE 50 125 139 75
CX150C-RE 75 150 168 75
CX200C-RE 125 200 219 150
CX250C-RE 200 250 273 300
CX300C-RE 275 300 323 500

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